Raise Your Hand If:

You believe the suffering of animals for your palate is wrong..

Sustainable food is important to you.

You are interested in a way of eating that is not just life sustaining, but protective against chronic disease,


You want to move towards a plant based diet, but are worried you won't meet all your nutrient needs.

If any of the above speaks to you this is your place to be empowered to start and maintain a plant based diet.

If you are as compelled as I am to reduce animal suffering and environmental deterioration through diet, but the thought of going "cold turkey" on animal products sounds scary, then I have good news! You can meet all your nutrition needs by gradually adopting a well-planned plant based diet.
But how do you do that?
The answer is: education on the "well planned" part.
I am not talking about that education from the influencer who believes lemon water is the answer to wellbeing. In fact, that's why Plant Powered You exists. to empower you with Dietitian written evidenced based info about adopting a fully (or nearly fully) plant based diet.
Happy learning, and may the fork be with you,
Picture of Christine RDN
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

How My Stepwise approach to Fully Plant Based Works

Simple! Click on the animal product you want to start eliminating in your diet. Inside that category, you will discover nutrients of concern you should be focusing on, what to consider in the supplement aisle, and more! Make sure you read all applicable categories if you are going sans multiple animal products. 

Fired up? Let’s start changing the world one plate at a time!

Vegan Pizza

I'm ready to take the ______out of my diet

Meat on a Cutting Board


Stop worrying if you will get enough protein, I got ya!



Whether your doctor is telling you to cut down on cholesterol or you are ready to continue your gradual shift towards a fully plant based diet, I'll teach you about the nutrients you need to have covered.

Pizza With Olives and Onions


Learn how to confidently say "Yes, I really can give up cheese".


It's time to bust some myths about fish! You can get all the healthy fats you need without fish.

Go Fully Plant Based (Vegan)

Maybe you are someone who has gradually cut out animal products and are ready, or perhaps you are convicted to start a vegan diet because you want to reduce animal suffering and environmental deterioration right now.
If any of the above applies to you, then you need to get your nutrients in order.

Christine with a Surprised Look

I'm Just Came Here to Learn or to Find Recipes!

You have to check out my blog archive then! You'll learn how to spot healthy breads at the store, pick the most nutritious plant based beverages, and more!
While I don't post many recipes, I'll certainly let you in on my favorites, as well as the my go-to recipes even my non-vegan husband approves of!

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