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If you want to follow a vegan lifestyle, but aren't sure about the 'diet part,' then I have good news! It is possible to meet nutrient needs with a appropriately planned fully plant based diet.
But how do you do that?
The answer is: education and implementation on the "well planned" part.
Let's get one thing straight: I am not talking about education from that influencer who believes lemon water is the answer to everything.
In fact, that's why Plant Powered You exists. To empower you with Dietitian written info about adopting a vegan food and nutrition topics.
Whether you are "plant curious," or a "well seasoned" (pun intended) vegan, you've found your resource here!
Happy learning, and may the fork be with you,

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Plant Based Bread Featured Image

Plant Based Bread

Are carbs really ok?
Does plant based = vegan?

hand holding a vegan impossible burger on a bun with lettuce and tomato outside (grass is in the background).

High Protein Vegan Foods

What are they? Do vegans need them?

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High Calorie Vegan Food

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Plant Based Milks

What options are available? How do I pick a healthy one?

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Top 30 Vegan Quotes

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Vegan Costco Finds

An ultimate guide plus, what Dietitians actually buy!

Image includes cereals and text reads: What Cereals Are Vegan Plus 3 healthy vegan cereal dietitian picks

Vegan Cereal/How to Pick Healthy Options

Is your favorite on this list?

picture of the vitamin and minerals on the nutrition facts label of Loma Linda Big Franks

Foods with Vitamin B12

Do they exist? How do I find them?

Vegan iodine sources featured image (small picture)

Vegan Iodine Sources

What are the highest ones?

picture of a hand holding a cube of tofu

Is Tofu Vegan?

Take a guess, learn from a dietitian!

small featured image for the article dietitian recommended whole food plant based snacks

Whole Food Plant Based Snacks

Which ones do dietitians recommend?

Vegan Grocery List Blog Post Featured Image

Vegan Grocery Shopping Lists101

I share my tips and tricks in this Dietitian written post!

Want to learn more about the Dietitian behind Plant Powered You?

picture of christine milmine, rdn smiling
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