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Plant Powered You is a free Registered Dietitian written resource for those wanting to pursue and/or maintain a vegan diet.

Who is it for?

Those who desire to/are following the vegan philosophy, and want to learn about the vegan diet with nutrition in mind.

Who is it not for?

Internet trolls and spam.
FYI: The content on Plant Powered You is geared towards non pregnant/non breastfeeding adults. If you are looking for resources regarding pregnancy, postpartum, or kids nutrition, plantbasedjuniors.com is one resource.

Where do I start?

If you are ready to start your plant based journey, click on the button below!

About Christine Milmine, RDN

Picture of Christine RDN

If you clicked on this page to find out more about me, hello new friend!

I can’t wait to help you feel empowered by a fully plant based diet. 

As for me, I am a plant based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who has worked in clinical as well as community settings.  

I am also wife to a Canadian, mom to the most intelligent plant powered girl (any other 1 year olds speaking in 3 sentence words?), runner, new yoga lover, not so new chocolate lover, and ethical vegan who was raised eating meat and loads of dairy.

My journey to veganism took 29 years. 

Yep, you read that right! My story is a long one with many unexpected twists and turns. If you are curious about how I made the transition to the vegan diet part, check out the details here.

Christine Eating Chocolate

What is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist?

In the USA, a RDN is a recognized expert in nutrition.
To become a RDN, one must receive a bachelors degree, complete an accredited Dietetic Internship, and successfully pass the Registered Dietitian examination. RDN's must complete 75 continuing education units every 5 years to maintain their credentials.

Plant Powered You Editorial Process

All content is written by Christine, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, unless otherwise specified. If Christine has not written a post herself, she has reviewed it before publication on this site.
Blog posts include peer-reviewed research with citations, and are updated at least annually (or as needed).

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