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Got a question or comment? Email me at

Christine (at)

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FYI: Christine will not reply to emails asking for specific advice about nutrition or health. Consult your own doctor or Registered Dietitian. Please see our Disclaimers.

Work With Me

Thanks for expressing interest in working with me! Use the email address above to discuss how we can work together.

I currently provide the following services as Dietitian and content creator:

  • SEO optimized blog posts
  • Article reviews
  • Guest speaker
  • Podcast guest
  • Sponsored content
  • Brand partnerships that are helpful to our audience

Vegan Dietitians

If you are a dietitian or dietetic student who identifies as a vegan, join my community of people just like you!

The Vegan Dietitians Facebook group is a space for us to find community, connect, and collaborate.

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