Going Vegan: A Vegan Lifestyle Journal

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Go vegan in 4 weeks with the help of this dietitian written journal! 

Each week you’ll:

  • have a new goal as you reduce your use of animals as commodities
  • Space to record your meals, thoughts and stuff you’re tracking
  • Grocery lists, meal planning and recipe templates, and more

    This makes for a great gift for yourself, or someone who wants to adopt the vegan philosophy!

Advance Praise for 'Going Vegan: a Vegan Lifestyle Journal'

"I love this journal so much! I especially appreciated the section for journaling about why you are going vegan and the stuff to track spot. I can see this being a hugely valuable tool for people going vegan, especially people that like to write things down. I'm a person that still uses paper and pen journals and planner. 🙂 There are apps for everything, but no app like this journal exists. And honestly I find that behavior changes, especially when it is something tough, stick more when it is hand written. I also really like the links with the QR codes back to helpful posts on your website and other resources like veganhealth.org.

About the Author: Christine Milmine, RDN

Christine saw the need to create something different around the message of ‘Going Vegan.’

She noticed too many people going vegan as a fad- or solely focusing on the food when veganism is really a philosophy rooted in non harm (as practically as possible) towards non human animals

Aka- there are food and non food ways to live this lifestyle! 

That’s why she created the first fad free, compassionate Vegan Lifestyle Journal (well, the first as far as we know). 

As a vegan who did not go vegan overnight, Christine understands the challenges of transitioning to this philosophy and lifestyle in a non vegan world. 

If you are thinking about going vegan, I’m honored to support your vegan journey through this book! 

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