Grow Your Dietitian Brand Membership

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FYI: Currently open to US based individuals only. Prices and bonuses are subject to change without notice.

If you are:

  • New or still trying to get traction in your online business
  • Feeling a lack of support from family and friend who just don’t ‘get’ what you do
  • Realizing it might be difficult to put all your eggs into one basket with a single income stream
  • are wanting to grow your online presence + email list
  • AND be a part of a community who is also focused on growth

Hi! I’m right there with you, and want to give you support through accountability and community!

As a fellow solopreneur who is trying to grow in this ever changing online world,

I saw a need to provide a support and accountability group of folks who ALSO get the struggles of growth right now (not someone who has already ‘made it’ and has a one size fits all solution).

If that sounds like your cup of joe, keep reading!

I am now offering the new ‘Grow your Dietitian Brand’ for the annual price of:

  • $329.89 USD per year
    ($29.99 USD per month).

Here is what you’ll get with the membership (housed in a private Facebook group):

  • The opportunity to prater with an accountability buddy and tools to actually use that accountability to make moves (instead of a ‘I’ll just do better next time’ thing!)
  • Challenges with prizes to keep you motivated
  • Guest experts to speak and help you with what you are stuck on (I’ll base this on feed back from members)!
  • Real updates from Christine who is trying alot of different marketing strategies (+ an inside look at how I’m trying to grow my business, what’s going well, and what I’ve learned)
  • Space to collaborate with other like minded folks who want to grow their presence + email list

Interested in joining? Here’s the next steps:

  1. Fill out this form
  2. You’ll get a PayPal invoice sent to the email provided on the form with a link to the membership agreement (payment must be posted on 12/5/23 to get the current 50% off flash sale) .
  3. Once I receive your payment (processing may take up to 5 business days), I’ll send you an e-mail to membership agreement (sign) and link to the Facebook group/ password to get in!

Can’t wait to see you take action in your business!

Sharing is caring!

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