Intro to the Plant Powered You Podcast

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Welcome to the Plant Powered You podcast! The podcast devoted to clearing up confusion about nutrition for vegans.

I’m Christine, your host and vegan bestie, and oh yeah, I also happen to be a dietitian. Whether you’re curious, transitioning to veganism, or very well seasoned, these episodes are made for you.

As a disclaimer, this podcast is just providing education and a bit of entertainment. If you have any questions about your health or diet, talk to your own healthcare provider. See our full disclaimers on our website, which will be linked in the show notes below (here’s the link).

All right, now that we got that out of the way, hey! I’m Christine, the dietician behind, a resource to help you feel confident about vegan nutrition.

In this intro, you’ll find out what you can expect from this podcast and why If you are vegan or curious about vegan nutrition, you’ll want to listen, subscribe, or both!

First things first, I hope to put out at least two episodes per month. One will feature myself talking about topics related to vegan nutrition or philosophy.

For example, I have plans to talk about being vegan during the holidays and what to consider if you’re slowly transitioning to this lifestyle.

The second episode will feature a guest dietitian who also identifies as vegan. I already have some plans in the works to feature some awesome RDN’s, which stands for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists.

By the way, please note we do not have plans to discuss weight loss simply because weight loss has nothing to do with veganism as a philosophy.

If you have any topics you want to be discussed or any dietitians you would like me to have a convo with on here, please let me know via my website, which is or via Instagram. My handle is @plantpoweredyou

Sharing is caring!

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