Epic Just Egg Review (Is it Healthy? 100% Vegan?)

You’ve seen the yellow containers in stores – and let’s be honest: you’re intrigued but…. a little bit skeptical!

In this epic review, I give my real thoughts on how Just Egg actually tastes, if the ingredients are vegan, and whether or not they are healthy.

That last one is up my alley as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist!

Keep reading to get an ‘eggcellent’ scoop!

Disclaimer: This review includes information and the authors own personal opinions. It is not personalized dietary advice. Talk to your doctor about your health/diet questions. Please note that product formulations, and ingredients may change. You should check products for updated information. See our disclaimers for more details.

Points at a Glance

  • Just Egg is made with 100% vegan ingredients and to my knowledge – is vegan.
  • In my opinion, it does not taste like a hens egg. However, it is savory and delicious.
  • When compared to a chicken egg, Just Egg has several factors that are more favorable toward heart health, such as lower saturated fat and 0 milligrams of cholesterol.
  • Because the flavor is yummy, I do purchase Just Egg occasionally .
  • It is pricey though.

What is Just Egg?

picture of a just egg carton and just egg folded box displayed on a table.

‘Just Egg’ is a plant based product created by a company called ‘Eat Just, Inc.’

They are most known for their Just Egg, which is made from mung beans. These became popular because they look strikingly similar to a chicken egg when cooked, and also have a a similar protein content.

Just Egg is available in liquid form (ready to be scrambled) from a carton, as well as prepared ‘Folded Plant-Based Eggs’ that just need to be microwaved.

While this company is most well known for Just Egg – Eat Just, Inc also has other plant based products.

Here’s the full list (assessed from their website 2/21/24 – please check for updates):

  • Just Egg
  • Just Egg Folded Plant Based Eggs
  • Just Mayo
  • Just Chipotle Mayo
  • Just Ranch
  • Just Chipotle Ranch

Does it Really Scramble Up Like a Egg?

Yep! It scrambles up just like a hens egg!

I’m guessing your friends will do a double take. 😉

Check out what Just Egg looks like in various stages of making it in the picture below!

Graphic shows Just egg in different stages. First picture shows it uncooked in a pan. The title reads: 'just egg uncooked' the next image shows Just egg being stirred with a stirring spoon. Some of the product is firming up. The title for this picture reads: 'In progress- cooking it up.' The last picture says: 'the finished product!' and it displays just egg scrambled up on a plate.

Can I Use It In Baking?

While I don’t have personal experience using it in baking, my mom made a really yummy vegan stuffing for me last thanksgiving. It was super tasty, and she used Just Egg instead of chicken eggs!

The FAQ page on www.ju.st also states that you can use it in certain baking situations. For more details, check out their FAQ page here.

So, Is Just Egg Really Vegan?

Yes! Just Egg is 100% vegan.

Not only do they state this on their FAQ page, a quick review of the ingredients shows that all ingredients do not come from animals.

Again, a vegan product must be devoid of any animal products to be vegan.

Here’s a quick review of the ingredients (FYI – ingredients may change – check your own product):

“Water, Mung Bean Protein, Expeller-Pressed Canola Oil, Contains less than 2% of Dehydrated Onion, Gellan Gum, Natural Carrot Extractives (color), Turmeric Extractives (color), Potassium Citrate, Salt, Sugar, Tapioca Syrup Solids, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, Transglutaminase, Nisin (preservative).”

Source: https://www.ju.st/eat/just-egg (accessed 2/21/24)

While some sources suggest that this product was tested on animals initially- I do not know whether or not it is true.

Furthermore, the FAQ page states that this product is vegan at this time.

Finally, I know of several ethical vegans who enjoy Just Egg. Of course – the decision is up to you!

Is Just Egg Healthy?

Just Egg has several components that make it healthier than a chicken egg.

When discussing foods that are healthy, it’s important to make comparisons. After all, we often replace one food for another instead of simply taking it out of our diet (although it’s plausible that many could simply add on foods too).

I’m venturing to guess that most of you are curious about replacing chicken eggs with Just Egg.

So I thought it was definitely warranted to make that comparison!

Here’s a chart comparing some important nutritional factors from each:

Just Egg (1 serving) Egg (1 medium)
Saturated Fat:0 grams1.4 grams
Cholesterol:0 milligrams164 milligrams
Sodium:180 milligramsat least ~ 63 milligrams – nothing added
Protein:5 grams 5.5 grams

Just Egg has less saturated fat, and 0 cholesterol compared to chicken eggs of a similar weight.

Numerous research studies suggests that too much saturated fat has an effect on our risk for heart disease. Using poly and monounsaturated fats, or whole grains is a more heart healthy choice(1).

While some more newly available research suggests cholesterol may play a less significant role in heart disease risk, it is still important.

Genetics also play some role in how some inviduals respond to cholesterol (ex: cholesterol consumption poses greater risk for certain folks)(2).

Finally, our bodies make enough cholesterol, and we don’t need to consume it(3).

In summary, the increased saturated fat and cholesterol in a hens egg is less desirable than the 0 grams of saturated fat and 0 milligrams of cholesterol in a serving of Just Egg.

Finally, let’s talk about the sodium. In the example above. Just Egg had a higher sodium content, however- it’s important to note that the nutrition facts for the chicken egg did not list any extra sodium sources.

I’m venturing to guess that some individuals add salt or salted butter to their eggs, which can certainly increase the sodium content.

So it’s hard to say which product has more sodium depending on what the total sodium content will be when eaten.

Nonetheless, sodium is a nutrient to be mindful of as well. Too much can increase our risk for high blood pressure – a risk factor for conditions such as heart disease and stroke (4).

In short, understanding that there are several limitations (including that we’d ideally want to see randomized controlled studies evaluating Just Egg vs chicken eggs on health outcomes), I think that there is a case to be made that Just Egg would be healthier when compared to a chicken egg.

Still, whole food plant based, protein rich legumes – such as soy, have been shown to have numerous health benefits. I would encourage those whole food plant based protein sources over eggs or Just Egg – ideally.

Of course, nutrition is complex and making healthy choices must also factor in your unique medical history as well as other circumstances – such as your access to variety of healthy, nutrient dense food.

Learn more about nutrition when cutting out chicken eggs in this article.

If you need personalized help on what foods are healthy for you, talk to your doctor and/or book a consult with your own Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

But What About the Environmental Impact?

Just Egg likely has a smaller environmental impact than chicken eggs.

Numerous research suggests that plant based proteins are more sustainable than those from animals(5).

Still, I’m not aware of a study that directly compares the whole Just Egg product process to typical chicken egg production. So it’s understandable that some folks still have questions.

Hopefully a study comes out!

Just Egg Review


Taste Score: 8/10

Honestly, I don’t think these taste like chicken eggs.

Again, these are just my thoughts! And in case you are wondering – yes, I do identify as an ethical vegan.

I would love to think these have the same flavor as eggs, but I just don’t taste that.

I do think they are super tasty though. If I could describe it, I’d say they certainly are savory and have a umami ‘kick’ to them.

They are made of mung beans, but don’t taste too ‘beany,’ which is a plus to me!

In summary, I think Just Egg tastes amazing, but I don’t think they have the same ‘egg’ flavor.

In my opinion, Wunder Eggs with the black salt added tastes more like a an actual egg, but again this is just one vegan’s perspective, and you are welcome to yours! 😉


A close up of Just Egg (scrambled) to show the texture.

Texture Score: 10/10

The closest resemblance to chicken eggs that I noticed is the texture!

When I cooked up them according the directions, they had the same firm, yet flexible, and slightly rubbery texture I remember from scrambled eggs.

In short, I think Just Egg really nailed the texture (bravo)!

Cooking Difficulty

Difficulty Score: Easy

If you can scramble an egg, you shouldn’t have much difficulty making Just Egg!

I didn’t find the instructions (on the carton) difficult in theory or in practice.

If you want to add veggies to Just Egg, you’d just do that prep before you start scrambling up Just Egg (for example, chop the veggies, wash the spinach, etc).


$: Expensive

Just Egg is often more expensive than chicken eggs.

However, eggs are subsidized in the United States. Whether or not they’d actually be cheaper without subsidization is to be determined.

As mentioned before, I enjoy tofu scramble when I’m craving scrambling eggs, so if price factor, perhaps you consider plant based proteins, like tofu. Calcium set tofu also provides a decent amount of calcium.

Here’s a comparison of prices from Walmart (please note, prices change – so make sure you are checking the current price at your store!):

Cool Pairings for Just Egg

I personally enjoy using Just Egg as an occasional plant based fat and protein source.

Since Just Egg is super low in carbohydrates, adding carbohydrate rich sources makes it a more stratifying and nutritious meal.

Finally as with any meal, I like to include some fruits and/or veggies.

To get the inspiration flowing, here’s a few ideas about things to pair with Just Egg! :

  • Toast with avocado on top
  • In a breakfast burrito (replace the chicken egg with Just Egg)
  • On top of oatmeal (savory oatmeal is a thing!)
  • Inside a breakfast sandwich (ex: bagel or English muffin, Just Egg, and vegan cheese)
  • As a part of a power bowl (ex: whole grain, veggie, beans, Just Egg)
  • Potatoes (Ex: stir fried potatoes – like below!)
just egg scrambled and on a plate with stir fried potatoes.

Would I Buy These Again?

Although I only buy these occasionally, I do purchase Just Egg from time to time!

So yes, I would buy these again.

Here’s a quick pros and cons list for anyone interested (again, this is just my personal opinion!):


  • The texture is strikingly similar to chicken eggs.
  • Super tasty
  • Less saturated fat and cholesterol than chicken eggs
  • Similar protein content to a chickens egg.


  • Does not taste exactly like eggs – (not necessarily a con, just a FYI!)
  • The sodium is kind of high.
  • Price is likely to be more expensive than chicken eggs.

Super curious – are you a fan of Just Egg? Share your thoughts below!
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