Resources And Products I love As a Vegan

Disclaimer: This page will be updated as Plant Powered You sees fit to update it. Christine is Registered Dietitian, but she is not YOUR Registered Dietitian. Always talk to your doctor before you add a supplement and/or make any major dietary changes.

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Helpful Resources For Vegans

  1. – A resource that really goes into detail about various topics related to vegan health (for example, vitamin B12, protein, etc).
  2. – A resource about that explores topics related to vegetarian, including vegan diets.
  3. – A resource for plant based pregnancy and infant/toddler nutrition.
  4. Cronometer (affiliate link*)- A food/nutrient tracking app that may be helpful for new vegans/vegans who want to check their nutrient intake. You can use their free version or Gold subscription. The Gold subscription offers additional features to the free version. Find out more about the free and the Gold plan here.

Products I Like and Use

1. Christine’s Favorite Vegan Multivitamin: Renzo’s Picky Eater Kids Multivitamin (affiliate link*)

Why I love it:

Renzo’s states they use third party testing (something that not all supplements companies do).
-I’ve used it both for myself and my daughter (always talk to your doctor about appropriate supplementation for your unique situations).
-They contain alot of the nutrients that may be more difficult to obtain on a vegan diet, like iodine.
-In my humble opinion (and daughters!), they taste pretty good!

Check them out here (affiliate link*):

2. Christine’s Favorite Vegan Prenatal: Mama Bird AM/PM Prenatal Multi+ from Best Nest Wellness (affiliate link* in affiliation with Best nest Wellness)

Why I love it:

-In my search for a vegan prenatal, I found that many vegan prenatal either: A. did not contain a significant amount of choline or B. were not always transparent about testing. Mama Bird AM/PM has over half choline needs for pregnancy (which I found incredibly useful during that first trimester when I wasn’t eating much).

-Their customer service team was very supportive in answering my questions (believe you me, I e-mailed companies during my search for vegan prenatals)!

Best Nest Wellness uses third party testing, tests for heavy metals, and disintegration.

You can even see their Certificate of Analysis for their vitamins here.

As always, talk to your doctor about this prenatal if you are pregnant or planning a future pregnancy’s.

Check out Mama Bird AM/PM Prenatal Multi+ here (affiliate link*)!

Picture of Mama Bird AMPM Prenatal Multi+ By Best Nest Wellness

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