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Stuff I like as a Vegan


Vegan Snacks

What’s in My Kitchen?

Vegan Beauty Products

For Plant Based Families with Kids

Karla Moreno-Bryce, MDA, RD, LD is a vegan Registered Dietitian who offers a alot of resources for vegan families that have kids!

They include a course that delves into meal planning supplements, etc, baby led weaning, and a cook book.

As a mom of two who is not creative in the kitchen, I can take all of the help I can get 😉

I’ve tried several recipes in the cook book that my youngest is obsessed with! Karla’s Vegan Kids Cook book also comes sample meal plans and helpful hints to adjust recipes.

Here’s a few of the recipes from the cookbook (somewhat modified):

picture of a baby hands holding a lentil patty
picture of a hand reaching for a chicpea pie a sweet potato strip is near by
picture of vegan mac and cheese

You can check out the awesome things Karla has to offer here (affiliate link*- as a reminder, this means if you click on the link and purchase, I earn a commission at no added cost to you).


  1. – A resource that really goes into detail about various topics related to vegan health (for example, vitamin B12, protein, etc).
  2. – This educational site explores topics related to not just vegan, but vegetarian diets as well.
  3. – Information for a predominantly plant based pregnancy, infant, and toddler nutrition.
  4. – Learn about vegan philosophy, and learn why many vegans avoid certain activities, products, and food.
  5. – A vegan food justice organization that speaks on topics related to issues in the food industry, the environment, and more.
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