Self Publishing on Amazon KDP as Dietitian (Lead Magnets that Can Pay?)

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Have a you always been wanting to publish your book, but haven’t because :

  • You think it’s too complicated
  • You’ve talked to endless publishers, but get the same response each time: ‘maybe later’
  • It remains a ‘nice thought’ that you never take action on because it feels too garn difficult.

If that’s you, have you heard about self publishing on Amazon KDP?

Keep reading to learn about how you can tap into this market with millions of people, as well as a course that’ll provide will give you extra guidance!

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What is Amazon KDP?

Amazon is a digital online market place where you can buy just about anything!

Some sources say Amazon is the #1 e commerce store(1).

In short, you’ve probably bought something off of Amazon, or know people who use it!

What does KDP stand for? Kindle Direct Publishing (2). This is a sperate website where you can publish your own book through Amazon KDP. You can either publish print or e-books.

Ideas of books you can create on this platform include:

  • Meal Planners
  • Food Symptoms Trackers
  • Notebooks
  • Journals
  • Cook Books
  • Coloring Books
  • Nutrition Guides

Why Choose Amazon KDP to Publish?

Several reasons! Here’s some that I could think of:

  • The Potential for a ‘Paid’ Lead Magnet: When you tap into the millions of people who use Amazon, you can place your book in front of a new audience! If you include info about your services or brand in the book, you also allow the purchasers a chance to learn more about how you can serve them. (so don’t forget those CTAs!) All of this while you make some money for sales of the book!
  • Lower barrier to Entry than Going the Traditional Route: If you’ve tried going with a traditional publishers, it’s possible that they’ve told you to wait for a larger following (if you don’t have one), or to discuss ‘later.’ (these are actual things I have heard!)
    If you don’t want to wait to serve your audience through a book, consider Amazon KDP -a s it has a much lower barrier to entry.
  • Fast Upload Time: It may take up to 3-10 business days for your book to available for purchase once you’ve got it up loaded (3)! (Aka- pretty garn fast!)
  • You Don’t Have to Hold Inventory: This perk speaks for itself!

Why am I choosing to self publish on this platform? Well, I’ve been wanting to publish my niche journal/planner for a while, but wanted an easier route.

I really wanted to serve my audience and also create a lead magnet that I could earn some money from and

didn’t want to set up my own shop to make things more seamless.

When I found out about Amazon KDP through the program I’ll be sharing about next, after lots of concideration, I decided to run with it (book debut is expected to be a bit before November 2023)

A Program that Can Save You Time

If you are determined to self publish with Amazon KDP, but want want some hand holding, I’d highly recommend joining me in Click to Publish (*affiliate link)!

This is a Dietitian lead program that will help you:

  • Save Time: It comes with templates so you can cut time on some of the formatting requirements! The modules walk you through the whole process with examples along the ways.
  • Get Some Extra Guidance: You get monthly calls with the owner, who has helped many Dietitians self publish. On the monthly calls, you can ask any questions about what you are stuck on, and even screen share to troubleshoot!
    You also have peers in the group who can give you feedback on your book. If you are a business owner, you know how valuable it is to have feedback!
  • Be a Part of a Community Who ‘Gets It’: One thing that is helpful with better book visibility is collaborating, and getting good product reviews on Amazon. Several Dietitians in the private Facebook group (that comes with the program), are looking to collab!
  • Last Chance in 2023 to get even MORE support!: Not only will you get the above stuff, but the LAST cohort of the year is starting September 26. You get an extra set of calls (about 6 weekly calls) with the Amazon KDP expert and other Dietitians going through the process! It’s a great opportunity to get extra support and make more personal connections.

And if you are reading this before the doors close on September 22, 2023, I’ve got a few extra bonuses, if you join through my affiliate link or mention to the owner that I referred you! You’ll also get:

  • Limited time access to my SEO 101 Training for Dietitians
  • a on-page SEO Blog Post checklist
  • 🎁Flash bonus: If you are one of the 1st 5 people to sign up on or before September 22, 2023, you’ll ALSO get a 30 minute consult with me to go over any of your SEO questions!

So if you’ve always wanted to use blogging as a marketing strategy, than I’d highly recommend snagging the bonus (you can find more about why this is an insane bonus by learning about SEO here)

So, if you want to get clarity on your blogging to get more visibility, and get some hand holding through self publishing on Amazon KDP, join me in Click to Publish (*affiliate link) on or before 9/22/23!

Any questions? Feel free to reach out to me at

FYI-If you qualify for the bonuses, e-mail me so I can get you the goodies! Once I see the affiliate go through, I will give you details on how to access my special bonuses!

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